Friday, January 27, 2017

Downlines are the KEY TO SUCCESS in network marketing, or traffic exchanges!

At TopTierTraffic, you have three kinds of downline members. Direct
Referrals, Random Referrals, and your Virtual Downline.

Direct Referrals are members who have signed up under you in the
exchange. You can get members to sign up as Direct Referrals in your
downline by promoting your referral links in other traffic exchanges
or sending emails to other marketers. You can also advertise Banners
or text ad links. Anyone you personally refer to TopTierTraffic stays
in your downline forever and you can always email them each week. You
also earn referral credits whenever they surf.

Random Referrals are a benefit of Premium Membership at
TopTierTraffic. When a member signs up due to our advertising, or with
no referral link, we randomly distribute those to our Premium Members.
They behave just like you had referred them yourself. You earn
referral credits when they surf and you can email them once per week.

What makes TopTierTraffic unique is the Virtual Downlines you can earn
by getting yourself on the Position Point leaderboard. Click the link
for My Position to get more details. Virtual Downlines are up to 6
levels deep and stay with you for one whole week. You can email them
once and you earn referral credits whenever they surf - 6 LEVELS DEE

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